Beamline Equipment:

Energy usually set at 12.662 keV (slightly above selenium peak energy), for beginning of beamtime

Energies between 6.10 - 13.5 keV accessible on both 19-ID and 19-BM

Energies between 15.2-18.8 keV accessible on 19-ID; consult with host before beginning of beamtime

Standard sample pin height 18.0mm; this is particularly important for samples mounted with the robot

19-ID operates in "spindle" mode; 19-BM operates in "kappa" mode

Beamline Parameters:

Biochemistry Lab Equipment

Microscopes; Cryo Dewars

One microscope, along with work bench, is available for each beamline.

Crystals may be cryogenically protected on-site, using supplied stainless-steel dewars and cryo-gloves.

Two "Spearlab" and one "Uni-Puck" foam dewar will also be available, per beamline.

Biochemistry Work Bench

A biochemistry work bench is provided for use, during your stay.

Disposable gloves and pipette tips are generally available; chemicals and crystallization supplies should be transported on and off site by visiting User Group.

All relevant DOT regulations apply.

Cryogenic Equipment

SBC provides dewars, cryo vial holders, cryo gloves, face shields, cryo aprons, and safety glasses.

19-ID uses Rigaku Actor and Uni-Puck sample holders; tools are available for handling both types of pucks.

Weigh scales; pH meter

Weigh-scales and a pH meter are supplied; chemicals for making up solutions or adjusting pH are generally not provided.


A small freezer (-20 C) is available for chemical storage, during your visit.

Milli-Q Water

Milli-Q water is available.

Use of the APCF

APCF Building

APS Sector 84 at the APCF operates the high-throughput protein structure determination and characterization pipeline as a resource for Biology Community. The structure determination platform is well established and it combines technologies, robotics and expertise for gene cloning, protein production, crystallization, and biochemical and biophysical characterization. Data collection and structure determination are done using SBC and other MX beamlines at the APS. The APCF maintains a bank of microbial genomic DNA, protein expression vectors and clones, variety of proteomics and computational software tools and project databases. The APCF will host and train visiting scientists.

To apply Sumbit an ESAF for Sector 84.

APCF Acknowledgement: Access to Sector 84 laboratories at the Advanced Protein Characterization Facility (APCF) was possible through funding provided by NIH grant GM115586 and DOE contract DE-AC02-06CH11357.

For more information please contact

Michelle Radford or Paula Bulaon

Food and Lodging

401 Grill

The "401 Grill" is open for lunch and dinner, 7 days a week.

Guest House Restaurant

The Guest House Restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday-Friday. On weekends, it offers breakfast.

Argonne Guest House

The Argonne Guest House is located on Argonne National Laboratory campus, close to the Advanced Photon Source. 157 room capacity.

9700 S. Cass Avenue
Building 460
Lemont, IL 60439
Phone: 800-632-8990
Phone: 630-739-6000
Fax: 630-739-1000

Off-site Accommodations

Off site Hotels that can be found near Argonne National Laboratory.